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Authoring web pages with WrapCreator involves several other components in your PC, the ExcelWraps server and the visitor’s web browser. We understand that you may need help to traverse this minefield of technical hurdles to reach your goal. Just follow the steps below and we’ll ensure you get your wrap on the web.

Basic concepts of wraps

Help pages for the WrapCreator client

The WrapCreator Help pages are full of information on how to edit source spreadsheets with the Excel add-in and convert them to wraps.

Some of the topics covered in the WrapCreator help are:

Wrapsite front-end

These pages describe what the system looks like when your end-users use it, and how you can use the front-end interface also for administrative purposes.

Screenshot of the start page for a wrapsite

MyWraps help pages

These are the help pages that document the MyWraps reporting functionality:

  • Overview: how to use MyWraps interactively – An introduction to the MyWraps user interface. This describes how you create ad hoc reports. Users with sufficient permissions can create a bespoke report and save the report link for later reuse.
  • Overview: MyWraps links and their parameters – Each MyWraps report is essentially a link. Users with sufficient permissions can save the link and use it to regenerate the report. The format of this link and its possible parameters are described in detail.
  • Filter a list of wraps – There are many ways to filter a list of wraps, and a number of operators like “equal to” or “greater than” that you will find useful.
  • MyWraps data types – This contains a reference listing of all the data types and signature properties in MyWraps.
  • Report pagination and MaxRows – Reports can be paginated using the pageSize parameter. You can request only a single page using the page parameter. MyWraps reports are limited to 500 wraps by default, to ensure a reasonable response from the server. This limit may be increased or removed with the MaxRows parameter in the link to the report.
  • MyWraps Report Setup – Users with sufficient permissions can use the Setup, Sort and Aggregate buttons in MyWraps to define a report, its columns, and any appended wraps.
  • MyWraps charts – Users with sufficient permissions can define the chart used to visualize a MyWraps report.
  • Add a MyWraps report to your Wrapsite – You can add a useful MyWraps report to your Wrapsite, making it easy for your users to use the report.
  • Actions – Users with sufficient permissions can perform several administrative functions directly inside MyWraps, e.g. Print wraps to PDF, Recalculate wraps, Freeze wraps without signing them, Export wraps to a local file, and Delete wraps.
  • Use Excel to analyze wrap data – Importing wrap data into Excel makes it easier to analyze large amounts of data.
  • Use the MyWraps2 function to read wrap data into other wraps – Using the MyWraps2 function, developers can request a single data extract containing all the data they need for a dashboard or a table inside another wrap.
  • Functions for developers – Two helpful Copy functions help you create MyWraps2 function calls and provide data for testing.
  • Track MyWraps in the Audit trail – all MyWraps requests can be logged in the Audit Trail.

Wrapsite server administration

Screenshot of the backend Administration dashboard for the ExcelWraps server

Link to the help for the Orchard Content management system Link to the help for the Orchard Content management system Link to the help for the Orchard Content management system Link to the help for the Orchard Content management system Link to the help for the Orchard Content management system Link to the help for Wrap administration Link to the help for the Wrap administration settings Link to the help for the User administration settings Link to the help for the Audit Trail settings Link to the help for the Audit Trail Link to the help for User administration Link to the help for Wrapgroups Link to the help for Wrapsite Properties Link to the help for the Server Recalculation queue Link to the help for the Server job queue

Use the links in the screenshot or below.

Business Intelligence

ExcelWraps allows you to analyze any data in the system.

Screenshot of a chart showing how KPIs have changed over a year

Get help with technical problems

Do you have problems downloading and installing the add-in? Are you using the add-in but it doesn’t work as you expect? Just continue to the troubleshooting page and we will help you make it work.