The Excel ribbon menu

WrapCreator adds a new ribbon to the Excel menu. This is the online help page for that ribbon menu. 

After you have installed WrapCreator, a new ribbon or menu appears in Excel.

Screenshot of the WrapCreator link in the Excel ribbon

If there is no WrapCreator entry in your Excel menu, please contact client services.

When you click on the link, the ribbon shows you many of the controls you need to operate WrapCreator.

Prepare section

The Prepare section is where you do most of your work before the conversion.

Screenshot of the Prepare section of the WrapCreator ribbon

Task pane shortcuts

Clicking on the shortcuts opens the Account, Wrap or Sheets tabs of the task pane. If the currently selected cell in Excel does not already contain a widget, you can insert a widget into the current cell.

Screenshot of the Prepare section of the ribbon with shortcuts to the task pane

If there is already a widget in the current cell, the Insert Widget button changes into Edit widget to let you access the widget’s settings directly from the ribbon.

Screenshot of the Prepare section of the menu when a widget is selected and there is an Edit widget option

The settings for worksheet-level widgets like Hide Rows/Sheets and Responsive Blocks are always accessible directly from the ribbon.

Screenshot of the Advanced Widgets in the Prepare section of the WrapCreator ribbon

Working with input fields

Screenshot of the Prepare section of the WrapCreator ribbon

You need to unlock the fields in the wrap that will be used for text input. The quickest way it to select a cell and press Wrap input. This opens the Cell tab on the task pane where you assign a name to the cell. You can also insert a Text widget into the cell to gain access to additional options like Required, Hidden, Multi-line, and Auto Height.

To see what cells you have opened for input, press Show inputs.

The Tools menu

The Prepare section of the ribbon also contains a Tools menu with ancillary functions that you may find use for when you prepare a spreadsheet to be converted to a wrap, like Map to Names for rapid assignment of cell names from field labels, and Map to Comments for an easy way to create Excel notes from a cell range.

Learn more in the help for the Tools menu.

Convert section

In the Convert section of the ribbon, you start the conversion after you have set the options.

Screenshot of the Convert section of the WrapCreator ribbon

The Convert button

Press Convert to convert the current spreadsheet to a live, calculating web page.


Screenshot of the Options menu in the Prepare section of the WrapCreator ribbon

Browsers and Conversion Path Option

  • Click on the button to the right under Choose folder to store webpage and navigate to where you want WrapCreator to store the Wraps it creates. All converted Wraps are stored in this folder, even if the source spreadsheets are in different folders. Each Wrap will be enclosed in its own subfolder.
  • Your converted Wraps automatically open in one or more browsers directly after conversion. Select what browsers you wish to use with this Instant Testing – click once to activate a browser, click once again to deactivate.

Screenshot of the Browsers and Conversion path options in the Convert section of the WrapCreator ribbon

User settings

Read more on the help page for the user settings. 

Check for New Version

Before you report any technical problems to us, please ensure that you are using the latest version of the add-in. Otherwise, you may be reporting a problem that has already been fixed. The Check for New Version menu selection will automatically verify the version you have installed, and help you apply any updates.


You can review the messages from the most recent conversion using the Messages shortcut from the ribbon to the task pane.

Screenshot of the Messages shortcut in the Convert section of the WrapCreator ribbon

Learn section

Use the Learn section of the ribbon to gain knowledge and research any problems you might have.

Screenshot of the Learon Onlinemenu in the Learn section of the WrapCreator ribbon

Try some of our examples

WrapCreator installs a few examples on your local disk. You can open and test these examples using the Try Examples link in the ribbon.

Press Convert to see what each example looks like as a web page!

Screenshot of the Try Examples window from the Learn section of the WrapCreator ribbon

Other learning options

Ask for Help section

Contact support

Use Contact Support to open the Contact Support form on the website. This is mainly useful when you want to ask questions.


Open the About box to see the currently installed version number. A convenient copy button makes it easy to paste the version number into any question or problem report you send us. The About box also tells you if there is a later version available on the website.