The task pane

The task pane is where you do much of your work with WrapCreator. It lets you add graphical widgets and set options for the wrap.

Showing the task pane

To show/hide the task pane, click on the dotted symbol on the vertical separator.

Screenshot of the dotted symbol on the horizontal separator between the spreadsheet and the task pane

Shortcuts in the ribbon

The task pane uses tabs for its different sections. You can go directly to one of these tabs using the shortcuts in the WrapCreator ribbon in Excel.

The Account shortcut opens the Account tab.

Screenshot of the Account shortcut in the ribbon to the Account tab on the task pane

The Wrap shortcut opens the Wrap tab.

Screenshot of the Wrap shortcut in the ribbon to the Wrap tab on the WrapCreator task pane

The Worksheets shortcut opens the Sheets tab.

Screenshot of the Worksheets shortcut to the WrapCreator task pane

The Insert widget shortcut opens the Widgets tab.

Screenshot of the Insert widget shortcut to the Widgets tab on the task pane

If there is a widget in the current cell, the Edit widget shortcut opens the Cell tab with the settings for the widget in the cell.

Screenshot of the Edit widget shortcut in the ribbon to the Cell tab of the task pane

The Messages shortcut opens the Messages tab.

The task pane is pretty wide and can occupy a significant portion of the screen in Excel. When you don’t need it, you can close it by clicking on the X in its upper right-hand corner.

The Account tab

The Account tab connects the wrap to the wrapsite and its database. It is here you import your Wrapsite properties file. It is also used to activate your WrapCreator license.

Screenshot of the Account tab in the WrapCreator task pane

The Wrap tab

On the Wrap tab, you define important Wrap properties like the Unique Keys including the AutoNumber. You define the user role that will be simulated during testing in Excel and set the Wrap’s title.

Screenshot of the Wrap tab in WrapCreator

The Sheets tab

On the Sheets tab, you select the worksheets that will be visible as tabs in the wrap. You can hide worksheets that only contain long tables of internal lookup data, or that the user is not authorized to see. You can also lock worksheets for user input. Using a special Print Sheet, you can optimize the layout of the wrap for printing.

Screenshot of the Sheets tab with a designated print sheet

The Widgets tab

If you click on the Widgets tab you get a list of the various graphical widgets you can insert into the spreadsheet.

Screenshot showing the three levels of detail on the Messages tab in the task pane

Adjusting the task pane

To change the width of the task pane, hold the mouse over the vertical separator but below the five dots until it turns into a double arrow, then click and drag the vertical separator left/right to match your requirements.

Screenshot of how to adjust the width of the task pane using the vertical separator