Wrapsite start page

The start page for your wrapsite provides information your users need. It allows you to define and link to the wraps and reports they use. You can manage your user list and set up MyWrap reports. This help page describes how you maintain the wrapsite start page.

When users log in to their wrapsite, they get to a start page with general information about the wrapsite and links to the wraps and reports they will use.

Screenshot of the start page for a wrapsite

Editing web pages on the wrapsite

As an Administrator, you can edit all pages on your Wrapsite. Just navigate to the right page and click on the small Edit links to the right.

Screenshot of a Wrapsite section with an Edit button for Administrators

The corresponding section of the page will open in the built-in editor.

Screenshot of the TinyMCE web page editor in Orchard

Make the changes you want and then click Publish Now to save your changes. You can also Save your changes as an unpublished draft, or Publish Later at a predefined date and time.

Screenshot of the Publish Now button in the webpage editor

Managing users on the start page

Your wrapsite can be set up to let you manage users directly from a Users tab on the start page.

Screenshot of the Users list on a wrapsite

If there is no Users tab on your wrapsite, it may not have been set up for you, or you don’t have the permission to use it. Please contact your wrapsite administrator or ExcelWraps client services if you need help with this. You may still be able to add or edit user definitions on the User Administration page of the Administration dashboard.

Page header

The Apply button performs the action selected in the Actions menu for the selected Users. The possible actions are:

  • Approve – Make users that have registered themselves eligible to log in to the Wrapsite.
  • Disable – Make users unable to log in.
  • Send challenge e-mail – Verify a user’s e-mail address by sending an e-mail with a verification link.

The monthly fee for ExcelWraps is based upon the count of approved/enabled users. Users that are disabled cannot log in and aren’t charged for.

The Filter setting allows you to show all approved users, users that are pending approval, or users that have been sent a verification e-mail but not clicked on the verification link yet. The Sort by setting allows you to order the Users by Name or E-mail address. Press the Filter button to apply the filter and sorting settings and refresh the list of Users. Press Clear Filters to remove all filtering here and in the list header, and show all users in alphabetical order by user name.

Click on the Add a new user button to define a new user of the Wrapsite.

List header

The search boxes are used to find Users by filtering the corresponding column – just enter a part of the expected value for each applicable column and press Filter.

The checkbox in the column header selects all Users.

The Name column contains the name of the User.

The Email column contains the User’s e-mail address.

The Company column shows where the User works.

The Location column contains the name of the city where the User’s office is located.

The Roles column contains the Roles assigned to the User.

The Actions column allows you to edit the User properties described below, Disable the User from logging in, and change the user’s password as described below.

List footer

The number of items per page is controlled by the Show parameter at the bottom of the list. If the number of items exceeds this setting, a page navigation control appears to the right of it, allowing you to navigate directly to the page you want.

Screenshot of the pagination options at the bottom of a list of items

List entries

If you click on the name of a User, the Edit User window opens with the User’s properties.

Edit User

Clicking on the Edit link for a User allows you to modify some of the User’s properties:

  • User Name – The user name is set during registration and cannot be changed.
  • E-mail – The user’s e-mail address.
  • First Name – The given name or forename of the user. Be aware that in many cultures, the given name is written last, for example in Hungary, parts of Africa, and large parts of Asia. Do not assume that the name that is written first is the given name.
  • Last Name – The surname or family name of the user. Again, in many cultures, it may be written as the first part of the name.
  • Nick Name (or initials) – Should be unique since they appear in signatures to identify the user that signed the Wrap.
  • Company – The name of the company where the User works.
  • Location – The physical location (city, state/region, country) where the User is normally located.


The Roles defined on the Administration dashboard > Users > Roles page appear on the detail page for each User. To assign a Role to a User indefinitely, tick the corresponding checkbox.

Screenshot of a user definition where roles have been ticked off in a list

If one or more roles aren’t visible here, you may need to check your settings. The roles that are assignable to Users are globally controlled by Administration dashboard > Settings > ExcelWraps > Assignable Roles Pool, and you select the assignable roles per Workgroup in Administration dashboard > Users > Workgroups > Assignable Roles.

Dynamic Roles

You can dynamically assign Roles from a Competence Wrap using the UserRole function. If a User has been dynamically assigned a Role, it has an automatic expiration date instead of the tick in the box that the permanent Roles have. The User in the screenshot below has the Client Role until the expiry date, and the C-Mech Role until it is revoked.

Screenshot of User definition with a temporary role

If you tick the checkbox for a dynamic Role, you disable the automatic expiration and the Role becomes permanent – the User retains the Role until you untick the box. If the box is not ticked, or if you tick it and then untick it, the User still retains the Role until it expires automatically. The help for the UserRole function describes how to remove a dynamic Role.


When a new User is registered in ExcelWraps, he/she is not assigned to any workgroup and the Workgroup setting says None.

To assign a User to a particular Workgroup, select that group in the list.

Workgroups are defined on the Administration dashboard > Users > Workgroups page


User passwords are defined when you register a new User. The formatting rules for passwords are documented below. You can change a user’s password by clicking on the Change password link in the user list described above.

Change Password

Clicking on the Change Password link for a User in the user list allows you to change the User’s password.

Password rules

By default, passwords must be at least seven characters long. They must contain at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, one digit, and one special character. The special characters that you may use in passwords are


You can define local password rules at Administration dashboard > Settings > Users > Passwords must meet Custom requirements.

Screenshot of the Change Password windows on the wrapsite start page

In the form, assign a temporary password for the user and enter it again in the second field to avoid typing errors, then press Save.

Instruct the user to log in using the temporary password, then change it again to ensure that each user has a password that cannot have been intercepted in transit and isn’t known to anyone else.

Contact Client Services using WrapTasks

To simplify your dealings with ExcelWraps Client Services, we provide a support task system called WrapTasks on every Wrapsite.

Screenshot of the WrapTasks button on a Wrapsite start page

If there is no WrapTasks link on your Wrapsite start page, you can find WrapTasks at https://<company>.live.excelwraps.com/Wraps/WrapStats.

The Live tab

The Manage Users button takes you to the Administration dashboard > Users page.

The Users list shows you the billable users of the wrapsite.

  • We use the User count when charging. Disable the users you don’t want to pay for.
  • AdminWrapsite (formerly AdminTenant) are the users managing the wrapsite.
  • WrapChaps are ExcelWraps people working on your wrapsite.
  • Administrators are ExcelWraps people with access to your wrapsite.

The WrapTasks list contains your current support tasks. There is a description of the fields in a WrapTask below. Use the Raise New Task button to add new tasks to the list.

  • On Hold – These tasks are not currently being worked upon. They may be awaiting management approval and/or an allotted budget. A task may be small and you want to group it with other smaller tasks to reduce the cost. A task may require planned new features that haven’t been implemented yet.
  • All (not on hold) – Click on the button to see a list of all the current WrapTasks that are not on hold.
  • Awaiting Quotation – You have asked us to do some work and we will give you a quote first.
  • Awaiting Client Approval – You have received a quote for a task but you haven’t approved it yet.
  • Approved Work. – These are the tasks that we currently work on.
  • Preemptive work – We may have to do things to the wrapsite that don’t require or cannot wait for your approval, and those tasks end up here. It may be work that we had to perform urgently, such as supporting a user.
  • Awaiting Client Close Out – These are tasks that we consider completed. An invoice for the quoted price will be sent. If you agree that the task has been completed, you should approve these tasks, otherwise you should report any additional work you wish to be performed as part of the task.

When a task has been finished and should be invoiced, it ends up on the Tasks billed this month list for you to verify.

For statistical purposes, we provide three simple trend charts to give you more control over your costs:

  • Count Users per Month – The number of billable users for each month.
  • WrapTask Days per Month – The number of man-days invoiced each month.
  • Count WrapTasks per Month – The number of WrapTasks added each month.

WrapTask field description

Task tab

The Task tab describes the work to be done. It names the person responsible for the task on your end and who will do the testing.

Discuss tab

The Discuss tab provides a convenient common location for questions and answers related to the task

Quote tab

The Quote tab describes the work to be done and the requested price.

Client Approval tab

You use the Client Approval tab to sign off quotes from us.

Completed tab

The Completed tab provides information related to the completion of the task.

Client Close Out tab

You use the Client Close Out to sign off the completed task.

The Historic tab

The Historic tab contains numbers related to statistics and billing. There is one column per month with the users and tasks affected by the monthly invoice.

WrapTasks reports

WrapTasks is a standard ExcelWraps application. You can use MyWraps to pull any reports you want out of the WrapTasks system, e.g. a list of previously closed tasks.