MyWraps data types

This help page describes the data types provided in the MyWraps report generator, and the signature properties that can be requested.

Unlike most other development environments, you don’t define the database, it’s tables or columns before you use them. WrapCreator automatically saves all wrap data in the database in the most efficient way.

The ability to select a data type for a column in MyWraps has nothing to do with how the data is stored, it is only used to define the features of the existing data in the database for the report generator. If a cell always contains an integer, you should define the corresponding report column as an integer, so that it is formatted and sorted correctly. For an integer value, you also have access to additional aggregation functions like min and max.

Data types

  • string – a text field
  • int – an integer
  • double – a floating-point number
  • percent – a multiple of 0.01
  • date
  • time
  • datetime
  • oadate – a date in Excel format, i.e. as an Excel serial number, an integer value for dates.
  • oadatetime – a time and date in Excel format, i.e. as an Excel serial number, a decimal value for time and date.
  • anchor

Signature properties

This metadata can be requested from signature fields, e.g.

Options.Columns= ... %2CSignature.sig-datetime%2C ...
  • sig-detail
  • sig-summary
  • sig-date
  • sig-time
  • sig-username
  • sig-firstname
  • sig-lastname
  • sig-nickname
  • sig-company
  • sig-location
  • sig-datetime