Integrate wraps with other systems

An IT system rarely works alone. ExcelWraps applications are often integrated with related applications like ERP systems. This help page is about integrating your own wraps with the systems surrounding it.

ExcelWraps applications typically support core business processes that are business-critical and time-dependent. It is highly likely that your wraps manage resources that are also known to other systems, e.g. trains, carriages, spare parts, tools, workers – or events that involve at least one of these.

To receive data into ExcelWraps, it comes with built-in support for Excel-format integrations – anything you can feed into a WrapStack job. Most textual and tabular data can easily be read from inside Excel and formatted as an instance data table for WrapStack.

ExcelWraps provides data to other systems using built-in support for file exports. Depending on the application, data can be exported in formats such as PDF, XML, and XLSX. Reports can also be downloaded as CSV or HTML files that can be read by other systems.

Business events that require integration

The lifecycle of a wrap

Create wraps from other systems

When can a wrap be fed to other systems?

File format differences

Example: send PDF files to SAP R/3