Edit a responsive block

To update the definition of a responsive block, do as follows:

  1. Open the Responsive blocks widget from the ribbon.
  2. Scroll down to the Blocks in the current sheet and click on the name of the block in the list (you cannot select a block with the visualizer).
  3. Change the range, name and the screen size percentage as required.
  4. Verify the new layout for phone and tablet in the Preview section.
  5. Press the Update button to save the new settings.

Screenshot of the Responsive Blocks option in the Prepare section of the WrapCreator ribbon


Screenshot of the pen icon that edits a responsive block


Delete a responsive block

Normally, you shouldn’t delete responsive blocks unless you intend to expand an adjacent block to also cover the cells that were previously part of the deleted block. All active cell areas must be part of a responsive block, so if you delete a responsive block you must always change the definition of another block to cover the affected cells.

To delete a responsive block, just click the “waste-bin” button for the responsive block. Please note that there is no undo for this.


Disable all responsive blocks

If you have created responsive blocks for a Wrap, you may still want to go back to the old non-responsive design without losing the responsive block definitions you’ve made. The Disable all Responsive Blocks check-box allows you to generate the web page without a responsive design. Uncheck the check-box to enable responsive design again using the previously saved definitions.

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