Missing cells

This help page describes the error message “Missing cells”. If you still don’t understand what to do after reading this page, please contact Client Services.

When you upload a wrap template to your wrapsite, you may get an error message saying

Error when uploading wrap template <name>: This wrap template cannot be installed as it will cause data loss in the wraps already created using the existing wrap template.


You are importing an updated wrap template, but the new version of the template does not include all cells that were defined for the previous version of the template. Wraps have already been saved and frozen with one or more fields that are no longer present in the new version of the template.

If this situation is identified during import, an error message is displayed, warning you that you risk losing data for existing wraps by importing the new wrap template.

Avoiding this issue in the future

In general, you shouldn’t remove cells from wrap templates that have frozen wraps. Just move the field to the bottom of the wrap and make it hidden. This will retain all the previous data for this cell in the frozen wraps, removing the need for the error message


Accept losing data

If you can accept the loss of data for all the existing wraps, e.g. during initial testing, just enable the override option described above and attempt the upload again.

Keep the wraps, lose the data

If you cannot accept the loss of the wraps, you may follow these steps:

  1. Un-sign the frozen wraps.
  2. Attempt the import again but select the option to ignore the warning.
  3. Open all the previously frozen wraps and sign them again.

Create a completely new wrap template

If you cannot accept any of the previous solutions, you will have to create a completely new wrap template under a new name and save the old template and its wraps as history. Since you use a new name, the two datasets get different wrap names, avoiding any conflicts.

Remember that in reports, MyWraps allows you to append two wrap templates, so you can still produce reports that include all wraps even though they technically are divided across two different wrap templates.

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