This is the download page for WrapCreator. Use this download to upgrade your existing installation or to try it for the first time. 

WrapCreator is an add-on to Excel for Windows. After you’ve installed the program it appears in Excel’s menu. Just press the Convert button in the menu and your spreadsheet is converted to a modern, cross-platform web page with HTML and JavaScript.

New features are introduced in the Release Notes.

If you encounter any problems during the download, installation, or use of WrapCreator, don’t hesitate to contact client services and they will do their best to get you started.

Version 10

For security reasons, there are currently no download links here. Download links for new versions are e-mailed to registered users. If you don’t receive these links, please contact client services.

If you are not yet a customer but interested to learn more about EcelWraps, please visit the website and use the contact form to request a personal demonstration.