Customize and translate text

Follow these instructions to customize and translate the various standard texts in Wraps generated by WrapCreator. 

Although the WrapCreator program itself is currently only available in English, the conversion process and the conversion results can be used with any language. For an overview of the translation features, please begin by reading the Translation Overview.

The text management features in WrapCreator also allow English-language users to adapt all application-generated texts to their individual needs – add a business term to the input prompts, the help desk’s phone number to critical error messages or use local terminology like Process instead of Submit in button labels.

Customize text

The Customize text settings in the Options > User Settings window control most of the built-in language support.

Screenshot of the Message Dialogs setting for WrapCreator

  • Message Dialogs
    Use your own vocabulary when telling website users that a form is missing certain mandatory input fields. Customize or translate the information that is provided when invalid data is detected.